Monday, July 28, 2008

Florida Part II

Brandon and Kate jumping waves.Megan in the sand
Kate in the hole
Megan in the hole
Daddy and Carli waving from the ocean
Brandon building his sandcastle
Megan and cousin Sam braving the ocean water. How cute is this?
We went to the science and discovery museum in Ft. Lauderdale. The kids had a blast!

Me, sil Cindy, sil Lybi, mil Sandy, taking a break at the museum.
We went to this great seafood restaurant (twice, actually!), 15th Street Fisheries, and this was the view from our table both times. It was just lovely.
Me and Brandon waiting for our food.
Daddy and Carli at the fisheriesBrandon getting a little board at the restaurant. :)The drive home after dinner. It was so beautiful!Carli ready for some swimming!!! LOVE this picture. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


We had a really lovely trip to Florida to spend time with Ben's family. I have to say that I have the best inlaws. I love them all and we have so much fun together. All the other cousins are boys, but my girls don't seem to mind that at all. The had a blast playing, swimming, eating, climbing on Uncle Andy, and building sandcastles and digging holes in the sand at the beach. Here are some pictures from our adventures. I'm going to have to do this in 3 posts to get all the pics in. :)

Carli at the beach

Kate at the beach hopping through the wavesBen's parents Wayne and Sandy at the beach. Aren't they cute?
It was so funny to see Kate and Megan in the same stance playing the sand.
There was a fun little miniature golf course at the resort we stayed at. Carli had so much fun. We were there about every day. The kids all loved it.

Our little nephew, Joey, playing golf. You can see how wet the ground is. It had rained really hard the night before and that area was all flooded.Carli and her cousin, Ryan, playing on the little playground.

Here are all the cousins eating popsicles. This was a common occurance that week. :)

We went to church Sunday morning and I couldn't resist a pic of everyone looking so dressed up. The plants around the resort were beautiful.
This was pizza night!

Kate and her cousin, Sam eating pizza. These two are quite the little pair. They loved hanging out together.
Sandy (mil), Lybi (sil), James (Ben's twin brother)
Uncle Andy (Ben's "little" brother) playing with the kids.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lots of posts

I'm finally catching up and I have lots of new pics up so scroll down and enjoy!!!

Father's Day

Man, I am so behind. Today I am determined to get all these pics up. Here is our Father's Day. We had breadkfast in Park City and then visited Thayne and Kailee's new house. Then we hdeaded back down to Cedar where we spent the next 2 weeks of our vacation.

Of course, Carli wanted to help open the gifts.
Daddy in his new hat to be used for sun protection. He burned the top of his head at Lagoon so we thought this would bew a good gift to take to Florida with us. It worked great. :)

She helped Grandpa with his gifts, too.

She is obviously thrilled that it was the Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD. LOL!I am very lucky to have such a great hubby and father of my kiddos. I am also lucky to have such a fabulous dad. I love you both!!!

Alpine Slide

I think I already posted the pictures of Ben and Brandon on the alpine slide, but here are the adults taking their turn. My dad, Brett, Charisse, and Kailee raced down the mountain.

Here they are on the way up the mountain on the chair lift.

Kailee and Brett were the first to come down. Can you tell the winner? Yes, Kailee totally whipped Brett coming down. His excuse was he didn't know he could push himself to start down. Yeah, whatever...Kailee is the alpine slide queen!Here's Brett taking his defeat with a smile. Charisse and Dad coming down the final stretch. Who will win?
Yep, Charisse. Dad was really trying, though!The victor!High fives from the granddaughters.

Just a cute picture of Kate and Megan in front of the horses next to the alpine slide.

Hogle Zoo

We're now home from Florida so this will be the last of the Utah pics so I can get the Florida ones up. We've got some fun things to share! We've had a blast in all our travels this summer.
Here's the recount in photos of our trip to the Hogle Zoo while in Utah.

Carli and Daddy.

The drinking fountains are quite a hit with the kids and parents for some reason love taking pictures of their kids with their head in the lion's mouth. :)
Charisse and Harper. I just love the look on Charisse's face in this one.

This was a huge boa constrictor in the snake house. You can barely see it here in the picture, but Carli kept putting her hands up to the glass acting like she wanted to scoop the snake up. Too funny!

Brandon and my Grandma in the white alligator exhibit.

Everyone waiting for the bird show to start.
Here's Kate drawing a picture for Charisse in Charisse's journal. It was too cute. It ended up being a picture of Charisse and Cory on their wedding day (which isn't until September).

Here's little Harper. He's just so cute!!!!!!

My girls in red. It was a very helpful color that day!I think bald eagles are so spectacular and just beautiful creatures. The bird show was really neat to watch.
Here is the eagle with it's wings spread.

Thayne (my bro) and his son, Harper, in the white alligator house. Kailee (my sil), Harper, and Charisse
Me and Carli. She looks happy to be taking a picture with me, eh?
A shot of me and Carli again. Much better one of me, I think. :)
Kate found this little teeny green inchworm and played with it for quite a while. It was fun to watch it climb around on her hand. It's right there on her thumb.