Friday, April 16, 2010

Sand Fun

Some friends from church gave us a cute little sandbox last fall and we finally got sand for it sevearl weeks ago. It is now one of Brooke's favorite places to be. Unfortunately, she wants to eat it, but she does also play with it. Here are Kate and Carli "helping" Brooke have fun.

Kate decided she should bury her baby sister in the sand...Getting her out of the sand hill. I think a little got on her mouth and she was not liking it (it's only lately she wants to eat the nasty stuff).
"Is this fun, Mom?"
Say "Cheese" and maybe open your eyes next time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puddle Fun

A few weeks ago we had some pretty good rain go through our area. My girls love to go play in the puddles after a rainstorm. Most importantly--to them, anyway--they love to go hunt for worms. Yuck! Where did these girls come from? ;) I might as well have a bunch of

Here are the girls worm huntingMegan find
Kate is proud of her really long one she found
These are the adorable boots on the feet of our adorable little neighbor girl who is just older than Brooke. Aren't they cute?!
Carli--what a face
Carli again--don't know what she was doing, dancing or something
Brooke had a BLAST in the puddles. She ended up soaking wet and still didn't want to go inside!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hold on to your hats--I just posted 3 times in one night! Yes, that's right. So scroll down and see all our Easter happenings. Tomorrow I'll post our egg hunt pics! Enjoy!

Easter Breakfast

This year we made a yummy quiche for Easter breakfast. We have made it a couple times before and it is a favorite! Here are the kids patiently waiting for it to be done.
And here is the finished product!!! SO Yummy. If you MUST try it because your mouth is watering you must go here and try it out. You will not be sorry! ;) Courtesy of Paula Deen so you KNOW it is good.

We have tried this quiche with bacon, sausage or ham so just throw in what you have in the fridge.

For Easter dinner between sessions of conference we had some friends over form church for a potluck. All the food was so yummy--especially all the scrumptious desserts! Seriously, it was all so good. Unfortunately, I didn't take one single picture of dinner at all (or the people there)--whoops! I was too busy eating and enjoying the company of great friends. ;)


The kids love to color eggs every year. This year we were a little late getting to it (Sunday night), but we still got it done. :)

Megan was proud of this egg in particular because it was a little speckled and she worked hard getting the colors just right.
Kate mixed her colors a lot.
These are Carli's eggs
Carli worked very hard to get her eggs just right. :)
Brandon watching his egg


We had a lovely Easter weekend. The kids get some candy and a book in the baskets. This year they also got flip flops to wear to the pool this year.

Megan Instead of a book this year, Kate got a 3-D puzzle
Carli is into weird faces when I take her picture lately. A little disturbing, but still cute, I suppose. Here she is with her basket.
Another weird look for the camera. Hmmm...
Brooke was loving her soft and fuzzy Easter lamb! She has remnants of a chocolate egg running down her chin, too.
She loved all the chocolate!

Taking a little break to snuggle her blankie and suck her thumb for a minute. So sweet. :)
Brandon trying to open an egg.

Today I watched "The Testaments" and enjoyed watching the account of the Savior and the people in the Americas at the time of his death and resurrection. What an amazing gift our Savior gave us. Because he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, because he died for us, because he rose again from the tomb, we know that we can return to live with him and our Father in Heaven after we die. I am so grateful for this knowledge and for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brooke turned 1

Yes, way back on February 1, 2010, Brooke celebrated her first birthday! I'm just a little late blogging about it. ;) Here are the pics from the day.
Doesn't she just have the most perfect little features? People always comment on how happy she always is. It's true. She's such a joyful little girl and always has a smile for you. Of course, she does have her moments...still adorable, though. ;)One of her birthday cards had money in it (from her wonderful great grandparents!) and she was pretty fascinated by it.New tub toysHer birthday dinner was spaghetti with white sauce (that's what the kids all call it--it's angel hair with alfredo sauce topped with broccoli and chicken). She LOVES spaghetti and enjoyed her dinner very much. This is Kate feeding her.Waiting to have cake (we waited for Daddy to get home from work). It was about 8:30 before this poor little girl got to eat her cake! She was a trooper, though.The cakes. I found the small one at Wal-Mart on sale and it was ugly green and orange something so I scraped all the gross frosting off and made my own to cover it up. I also made a regular layered cake for the rest of the fam to eat.She was not sure what to think of the lit candle.Hmm, what is this?'s really good...Yay! I get to eat it!I'm just going to go for it!This is great!Time for a little break in the sugar fun. She sure loves her thumb! Brooke is our only thumb sucker of the bunch.Big brother and baby sister--oldest and youngest.Getting kind of messy...All done. What a great birthday! Clean up time. :)

Brooke is such a special little girl. She attracts smiles wherever she goes and gives them willingly as well. She started walking right on her birthday by taking several steps and really got going a couple weeks later and now I can't get her to stop! She loves to eat and loves stuffed animals and soft blankets. Brandon loves to give her something soft and watch her bury her face in it. She does it every time! We all love her so much and are so grateful we have this sweet little red head in our family!