Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Wow. No, not going to give excuses...

Halloween was great this year! We decorated cookies, carved pumpkins, visited a pumpkin patch, got dressed up and went trick-or-treatin'! Fun was had by all, I'm sure! :)

Kate and her friend, Sam

Megan, the little angel

Brooke and Megan waiting to Trunk-or-Treat!

Carli and her bff were both Tinkerbell--of course, Carli won't look at me when I take her pictureMy friend, Janna, got this shot and shared it with me! Thanks, Janna! :)Carli and her crazy posespose...again...and again ;)ready to go!still waiting...lolKate took Brooke around since I had to man the handing out of the candyThe loot! Kate was Alice in Wonderland (the "real people" version)Megan and her lootBrooke dug right in!Love that face!getting tired :)Brandon was a black ninja guyKate and Brookie both as Alice! Fun!

Kate's is in the middle and I think all the girls helped with the little ones

pumpkins...Carli carved the one of the left all by herself (mostly) and I did the one on the right. Don't remember who carved the middle one...maybe Megan

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Christmas Vacation

Well, I'm still not to the actual Christmas pictures, but these are more from our vacation to Utah over Christmas break.

My Dad loves his new hat he got for Christmas. My adorable nephew, Beck, wasn't so sure about it. I LOVE the look on his face in this shot!Isn't he soooo cute?!
Beck and Grandpa This is our attempt to get a shot with all the grandkids (8 of them, #9 expected to arrive in May from Spencer and Missy, their 1st!) Well, at least you can see them all...mostly. ;)
My Grandma Morris made these adorable bear treats for all the kids. I thought they were so cute!!!
Megan thought they were adorable, too! Btw, yes, she now has braces, too! She got them on in October, just before Halloween so now we have 2 girls with the expander and braces.

I took these shots of Brooke because I thought it was funny and cute that the yogurt was dripping down her chin. The life of an almost 2 yr old!How much cuter can it get?!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Light from windows is lucious. Megan in her pretty white snow clothes in the window light is even better. What a character Megan is. I love her to death.

Carli's pink hat

I love this little hat. I think it's so cute and a great color. Carli makes it look even better--she's pretty cute herself. ;)

Here she is eating her snack, but has the hat on so she can go play out in the snow as soon as she's finished eating.Another silly camera pose. She tries a little too hard, but it makes for some hilarious pics. lol!Finally mad it outside and is throwing the snow just like her sisters did earlier.Lovie (the dog) getting into the action


We were able to go sledding once it finally snowed in Cedar City! The kids were ecstatic to get on the hill--one downfall--it was only 15 degrees. Yikes!!! It was sooooo cold, but that didn't stop them, of course. They had a great time!

(left to right) Megan, Kate, Brandon, Hannah (friend from down the street)
(the kid way in the back is not mine)
Look at Carli's snowsuit--what era does that take you back to? It kept her warm, though!
Kate and Brooke getting ready!
Brandon is set to go!
Carli again
There she goes!
Kate and Brooke--she adores her big sisters and they are such a big help!