Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Wow. No, not going to give excuses...

Halloween was great this year! We decorated cookies, carved pumpkins, visited a pumpkin patch, got dressed up and went trick-or-treatin'! Fun was had by all, I'm sure! :)

Kate and her friend, Sam

Megan, the little angel

Brooke and Megan waiting to Trunk-or-Treat!

Carli and her bff were both Tinkerbell--of course, Carli won't look at me when I take her pictureMy friend, Janna, got this shot and shared it with me! Thanks, Janna! :)Carli and her crazy posespose...again...and again ;)ready to go!still waiting...lolKate took Brooke around since I had to man the handing out of the candyThe loot! Kate was Alice in Wonderland (the "real people" version)Megan and her lootBrooke dug right in!Love that face!getting tired :)Brandon was a black ninja guyKate and Brookie both as Alice! Fun!

Kate's is in the middle and I think all the girls helped with the little ones

pumpkins...Carli carved the one of the left all by herself (mostly) and I did the one on the right. Don't remember who carved the middle one...maybe Megan

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