Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another look

So I changed the look of my blog again. I was feeling the need for something lighter for the coming spring!


I love her cute pigtails, but after a nap and at the end of the day when they are all skewampas (did you get that word?!) I just think it's adorable. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Carli pics

She's just so easy to take pictures of and she's around all the time so I get a lot more of her than I do the other kids. I'll try to do better at that! Here are some cute pictures I took of her on Valentine's day. I pulled out these cute dress my mom sent her several months ago (it was a bit big) and it fit her perfectly! It was so cute for Valentine's day.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Shout out

Thank you to for my new template! There were a few that I liked, but thought this would be different and fun. Let me know what you think!

Valentine's Day Happenings

We had a pretty fun Valentine's Day last week. I got lots of cute pictures. We started out the morning with pancakes with fruit and cream. Yumm! Everyone opened the little Valentine mailboxes I made for each of them filled with candy. I spent the afternoon at school with the kids going between class parties. They all had a great time. Kate even won her class bingo game and her prize was one of those great big bouncy balls. She was thrilled! For dinner we got the Papa John's heart-shaped pizza after Brandon's tennis practice and cream cheese swirled brownies for dessert. Those were sooo good...

Eating breakfast

Brandon's Valentine holder for school. It's a Pokeball!

The mailboxes. They are not fancy like some adorable ones I've seen, but they did the job for this year. :) This is the side of Megan's.

Here's Kate's.

Megan helping make the Valentine cookies to take to the teachers.Carli enjoying a cookie!
My creations.Megan decorating her cookies. Megan's box she made for her Valentine's.

Carli enjoying the goodies at Megan's party.The place settings for dinner. The girls got to decorate the table for me.Kate was in charge of rose petals and I told her to just sprinkle them around the table. She decided she would rather set them perfectly around each plate. It was cute!

Dinner. Bummer I didn't get a pic of the yummy brownies. They were sooo good!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No internet...

Can you imagine??? Ugh. Yes, people get along without it just fine, but me?! Well, I got thru it. I had no internet from Friday morning until this afternoon (Wednesday). Verizon was supposed to send us a new router (because our conked) overnight and arrive here Monday, but no such luck. Ben finally called back last night and they said they would send a tech over today to bring us a new one. Guess they never did send one out. Now I'm back online! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!! :)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to update on Valentine's Day happenings and our weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Week of insanity...again

Whew. It's over. It was crazy, stressful, long, too fast, and very fun! This is mostly for my journaling purposes so I hope you all don't get too board reading it! I'll start with the end. Last night Ben and I went on a much needed date. We picked up some good friends from our ward and went to Costa Vida for a quick dinner before heading to the stake center for the Valentine Dance. We had a really great time! First off, dinner was this huge honkin' burrito that was so delicious. Yum! We left very full and ready to dance. The cultural hall looked absolutely fabulous thanks to Katrina who has an eye for really beautiful things. I had the pleasure of helping to decorate. It was a lot of fun. I spent Thursday evening after my Mary Kay training meeting at the stake center getting the decorating started with Katrina and Jenni. Then Friday morning it was back at the church to get back to work! I didn't get to stay to help until it was finished so it was really neat to walk in to the dance and see how beautiful it looked! It was a great night with my hubby!

OK, let's start with the beginning of the week. Tuesday's are always crazy with Brandon's chimes team rehearsal and the girls having girl scouts and then Faith in God activity and scouts. This night also happened to be our elementary night at McD's. I thought that would be an easy way to get the kids some dinner (we had to be at the church at 7) in between activities that night and support the school as well. It started out pretty well until I went to pay for my order and found that I had taken my wallet out of my purse and left it next to the computer. :( I was so frustrated. So my kids are starving and I have no money and we're running out of time. I ended up going home to get everything I needed for that night to help with the YW activity and went back to drive thru McD's since that's all the kids wanted. We finally got off to the church. Ben was supposed to be home before I had to leave so he could keep the girls, but he got stuck at work and had to meet us at the church. This was an off week for my Faith in God activity, but I had been asked to help with a YW night so I got to go do that! They are having a 5 stake mock prom in a couple months so I went to help them out with their make-up. It was so much fun! We talked a little about skin care and then got into the fun stuff with the color. They looked so pretty when we were done! Later that night I went with a couple friends to see 27 Dresses. It was really good! We like it a lot and it was nice to have some much needed girl time.

Wednesday evening we were at the rec center for the girls' gymnastics class. Then Thursday started out early with taking Carli to the doctor for a shot she needed and after that I watched my friends' little girls while she helped up at the school. During that time I was getting my salad ready for our Sisters and Salads that was at noon. Sisters and Salads is a once-a-month luncheon for the sisters in our ward. We hold it at a different home every month and we all bring a dish to share and the kids play. It was a really nice afternoon with really yummy food. Then it was off to Wal-Mart (practically a daily occurance, unfortunately) for foam board and tennis balls. That evening Brandon began his tennis lessons! He was so excited and I'm happy he found a sport that he is excited about. I'll take pics next week. I didn't even think about it until now. The foam board was to stabilize his shoe box desert ecosystem that was due Friday morning. Darn, I didn't take a picture of that, either! Where has my mind been?!

I had to take all the girls with me to tennis and Ben met us there about halfway through the lesson. We traded kids and cars and I headed to my Mary Kay meeting. As soon as that ended is when I headed for the church to work on decorating! Ben got the kids home and homework finished and That was quite a night. Where was dinner in all that? Hmmm, I don't quite remember. :) I know I fed the kids. What? Not a well-rounded meal, I'm sure.

Got home about 11 pm and fell into bed. Had my alarm clock set for 6 am so I could get up and get ready for the day before getting the kids up. Ha, ha. Didn't hear the alarm at all. Woke up about 6:50 and scrambled to get dressed, kids all up and dressed, fed, and out the door to get the older ones to school and then run home to get some lunches made for the rest of us to take with us to the church so I could take Megan straight to school later. When we left the church we had to run home anyway because I forgot Megan's backpack, which it turned out she didn't need because it was the kindergarten rodeo day and the teachers didn't even had an extra minute to check their folders. Oh well. Stayed at the school with Carli to help Megan's class with the rodeo. I was in charge of a little group and getting them around to all the stations. It was a long afternoon, but pretty fun. Here are some pics:

This was the "Milking the Cow" station. It was by far their favorite one. There were rubber gloves filled with milk (from powder) and then they poked a hole in each finger so the kids could squeeze the milk out like they were milking a cow. It was hilarious!Here's Megan getting ready to "Rope a Steer." There were stuffed steer heads hooked on chairs and the kids had to get the rope around them.This one was the "Hay Ride." Not very realistic as there was no hay involved at all, but even Carli got to have fun with this one and the kids all enjoyed pulling the wagon around.Here's Megan in the "Barrel Race." The little stick horses were pretty cute.Carli got in on this one for a few seconds. So cute!!!

So now it's Saturday and my house is a disaster since I was hardly home this week. I better get off the computer and get to work. ;) Hope you all had a great week! Maybe next week will be a little slower.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Face painting

Carli had made a mess on her face with whatever she was eating (can't remember now), but then she snuck Into my office and got into an eye liner pencil. I didn't realize what it was until I was cleaning it off. I thought it was a brown marker, but no! I used my eye make-up remover and it came off beautifully. I just thought this was too funny! She almost looked like a little kitty with whiskers.