Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visit from Grandma

In August we were so thrilled to have my mom come visit us for a week. We love when Grandma comes! We did lots of fun things while she was here. With it being summer we tried to find activities to keep busy with the kids. We swam, played with playdough, painted, made banana muffins, went to a movie, and just hung out. We love you, Grandma!
Grandma with BrookeThe kids were having a blast playing with sandwich bags in the water.Grandma brought a cute little tea set for the kids to paint. They loved this! They are all such creative kids and were very intent on getting their pieces just right. :) Here's Carli rinsing her brush.Brandon's tea cup is blue, of course.Megan went for stripes on the sugar bowl.Kate went for stripes as well. :)Carli concentrating very hard.The girls loved playing with the playdough. It's not something I volunteer for them very often. I know, bad mom, :) but the mess!What a cutie! love the freckles!Here's Kate with her absolutely adorable creation!It's a girl sitting in a bean bag chair playing Xbox. Funny...I love the look of wonder on brooke's face in this shot.This look is hilarious! lol!Brooke loves to try drinking from sippy cups. Here's Carli helping her out holding the cup for her.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



I've posted a few updates so scroll on down and see them all! :)


We LOVE our neighborhood pool in the summer! It's soooo nice to be able to go whenever we want to and enjoy taking friends to swim with us, too. Here are a few pictures from one such outing.

My cousin, Stephanie, and her daughter, Eliza, came over to swim with us. They live about an hour away. It was great to have them come over for the day!This is one of the cutest little girls ever!!! She's going to be a big sister, too!Here's Brooke working on her rolling skills.Brandon and his buddy, Caleb, made quite a contraption with all the floaties.
There are many more swimming pictures and I'll put those up eventually. ;)


Carli has been saying she wanted to get her hair cut, but we never went and did it. Well, we finally I took her to get it done. She was so excited. She talked about it for weeks after and every time she talked to someone she would tell them she got her hair cut. It was too cute!


My Mom spent 2 weeks in China in July and sent us some neat goodies when she got home. Of course, we each got a set a chopsticks! The kids went to town with them.

4th of July

Yes, I'm a "little" behind. :) Here is what we did on the 4th of July. It was, of course, a very hot day here in TX, so we hit the pool!
Here's Brooke all decked out in her red, white, and blue! Her hair even matches. ;) lol!Kate, Daddy, Carli, MeganMegan is quite a little fishBrandon contemplating the big first jumpSweet Daddy and Brooke!Have you ever seen anything so cute?!Love this one, too!Carli floating alongThe kids love having Ben throw them. Here's Kate!Brooke enjoying the water. She really loves it!Megan taking her turn.By the end Brooke was out! Daddy was, too.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend with Megan

This last weekend I took Megan down to Houston to see the baptism of her sweet best friend, Sydney, who moved away several weeks ago. Here's the beautiful girl on her baptism day!

Sydney and Megan--so happy to be together for a little while!Aren't they so cute?!Me, Brooke, and Megan with the Prince familySydney and her twin sisters, Allison, and Madelyn After the baptsim we had a yummy luncheon. Here are Megan, Sydney, and Allison enjoy their food.
Caleb loved the soup! :) Sorry, Caleb, I had to throw a picture of you in here, too. After the luncheon Brooke was bushed. Such a sweet girl!
It was fun to have a day with Megan and Brooke by themselves. We enjoyed the hospitality of the Prince family. Thank you for having us!