Saturday, March 13, 2010

BYU Game

Ben and I got a babysitter last week and went out on a date! Well, sort of. :) We took this cutie with us and went to the BYU vs. TCU men's basketball game last Saturday. It was lots of fun and the Cougs pulled off a great win. Here is the scoreboard with 4 minutes to go.
Ben got a great shot of this dunk.
I had Ben take a picture of me with Brooke. Shocking! Of course, I hate this one of me, but Brooke is always cute!
The TCU mascot had some pretty great moves!
The Cougars during a time out
These boys behind us were too cute! They had BYU painted on their faces, too, in white.
My dates for the evening. We had a great time!
Brooke was adorable through the whole game. She was so good! After the game we went to dinner with some friends from church. Then we went home and found the house quiet and full of sleeping children!