Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Treat

My parents sent a box full of fun Valentine treats for our family. Each of the kids got a little Valentine tin with a cookie inside and a Valentine card attached. They were so excited! Brooke couldn't wait to eat hers: :)

Yum...yum...yum... Goin' to town on the the lips
We love you, Brookie! You make us smile every day. What a sweet Valentine you are.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So behind

Well, I haven't posted for 3 weeks and I'm so behind! Brooke turned 1 and I have many pictures to share from that day, but first I've got our SNOW pictures ready to post.

We got 12" of snow on Thursday! That was the most snow we've ever gotten around here at one time. It just kept coming! It was so beautiful and such a fun thing to watch it all come down on our normall brown and green Texas landscape. The girls had a blast playing outside in it. Brandon is more like me--he'd rather stay inside and stay warm and dry. :)

The kids got out of school early Thursday and got to stay home Friday. It truly was a snow day! It's melting quickly, but it was fun while it lasted!
Our Texas snow boots

Brooke LOVED the snow!
Here she is sneaking outside
This was her amazed look when I first opened the door and let her see it all.
All smiles!

She enjoyed watching from the inside, too.

Carli enjoying the fluffy white stuff--yes, she is wearing a skirt (that's my girl!)
Beautiful snow princess!
Had to snap this one...
Kate's hunk of snow
Kate and her snowball
Megan had a blast
Megan making a snow angel
...and trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue