Thursday, April 26, 2012


Monday was great...

Then came the rest of the week...

It's been challenging parenting-wise (does that even make sense?). lol :)

Sometimes I just don't understand what is going on in the cute little heads of those children of mine.  Seriously?

But it has just reminded me today as I've thought about the challenges this week that I need to remember they are still children. They are still learning. They are still growing. That will never stop. I need to be patient, loving, tender, and most of all forgiving.

~Taking deep breath...letting it out~

OK. Ready for the rest of the week! Let's do it!!!

Here's a funny picture of Carli at the zoo last week (field trip).

Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking up!

Life is looking up these days...maybe it's just today. I'm feeling good about things. I'm doing what I should be doing--laundry, dishes, planning meals, get the idea. It's spring, the weather is gorgeous, summer vacation is around the corner and we are very much looking forward to our trek up north to Utah! The kids are wrapping up the end of the school year with field trips, band concerts, report cards, and looking forward to next year.

There have been some great things going on! Brandon and Kate both participated in the Solo and Ensemble band contest a couple of weeks ago and both received a 1 on their performance! That's awesome!!! I love watching them grow and learn and enjoy their musical talents. Megan also is excelling in violin. She was set on quitting a few weeks ago. My heart was a little broken at the thought. I wasn't going to let her, but how long was I going to fight with her about it? Fortunately, she had a great lesson and all was well again! Hooray!!!

Ben is very much enjoying his musical talents lately, as well. Maybe he better dust off that trumpte again sometime soon...but, for now he is singing and playing the piano with a lot of passion. His voice has matured and it's beautiful to listen to. He will sit and play primary songs and the girls, especially Kate and sometimes Megan, will come over and sing with him. It's a precious thing for me to listen to. I adore listening to my sweet husband and sweet girls singing songs of the gospel. They all have beautiful voices and I can't wait to see them sing in sacrament meeting together sometime. How neat that will be! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with a musical family. I grew up around music and always dreamed of having a family that would sing and play instruments together.

I have been very thoughtful lately. I've tried to listen to conference talks on my trips down to the stake center for my new calling in the stake primary. I have enjoyed listening to them immensely. I have always know that Heavenly Father is there and watching out for me, but I have really tried lately to let myself feel it more often, feel His love, feel His watchful eye, see His loving hand in my daily life. I have read a lot about people who are struggling and their growing faith because of their trials. I do not know if I could be as strong as they are in the face of such great adversity, but I know that whatever trials I will face will not be faced alone. I have a loving family and a loving Heavenly Father and older brother and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that they are real. I know that my life has a purpose and right now that purpose is to watch over and nurture my darling precious family. I am striving to do better at this great calling.

I am just feeling very grateful for my life and all that I have been blessed with. It's not all rosy, but I am seeking the good in all of it. :)