Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carli Funny

Ok, so I'm putting off the potty training until we get home from UT, but tonight she was standing in the kitchen and getting ready to go #2 in her diaper so I whisked her into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. She went! Yay!!! No problem at all and she didn't complain and didn't act scared or anything. However, she looked down to see what the big deal was about and said, "Cocate!" I just burst out laughing. That is her word for "chocolate." Hee, hee! We had a little talk about it and I think she understands now, but that moment was just hilarious.

Here are a couple pictures of her playing Uncle Brett's drums.

Monday, June 23, 2008

8 weeks

WHAT??? Look at this?!

I suppose it has to do with this being #5...

More Park City

They had so many fun activities for the kids to do that they were busy most of the time! They had a great area just outside the resort with bungee trampolines, climbing wall, merry-go-round, alpine slide and alpine coaster. They also had the ski lift, or "up-chairs" as Megan called them, running. Megan couldn't wait to ride the "up-chairs" so she and Kate and Grandma and Grandpa took the chilly ride up the mountain and back down. They were freezing by the time they got back to the bottom!

Here they are all huddled and with their hoods up!

Brandon and Kate getting the gear on to climb the wall.

Brandon, my brother, Brett, and Ben all participated in a Guitar Hero competition. They are did really awesome!

Brett in the championship round.

He won!Kate and Megan got to tie-dye t-shirts one day. They loved it!I still have so many pictures to post--Lagoon, Hogle Zoo, alpine slide, and Father's Day! Wish me luck getting it all done... hahahaha...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tea Party at Grandma's

I have one of the sweetest Grandma's. She loves to have little parties for the kids. Today she had the little girls over for a tea party. They had lemonade and mini cupcakes, played on the swingset, played Polly Pockets, and made little scrapbook pages. They had so much fun and it was so cute to see all the little cousins together.

Carli swinging

Kate, Carli, Shelby, Megan, and Addy enjoying their treats. Megan is such a poser. LOL!

Addy (my cousin's daughter) Kate
Shelby (my cousin)Carli loving the frosting. Megan got this cute dress from her NaNa for her birthday. She loves it!!!

Here's Carli learning to use scissors. She insisted on being part of the group, of course. :) Notice the concentration with her tongue hanging out. Hee, hee.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pic from the park today

We spent some time at Canyon Park this afternoon. There is a fun creek that runs down through the park that the kids love to play and splash in. It was a bit cold for Carli, however. I'll have more pics later, but here's my fave:

UT trip--to Park City!

We had such a great time in Park City with my family. There were so many fun things to do! They had these life-size chess and checker games that we got lots of good times out of. The kids loved these.

Here's Carli stacking the checkers. It was hard work!

Brandon and Megan playing chess together.

Uncle Thayne and Harper watching the games.

Kate holding the tower up while Megan hands another piece to Brandon.

Brandon figuring out his next move.

The pool and hot tubs were so pretty and nice and warm since it was still pretty cool up in the mountains. There were little waterfalls going into the hot tubs. This one the girls are in was just lukewarm that day so it was a perfect little pool for the kids.

Megan under a waterfall.

Kate enjoying the water.

Grandma and Harper splashing in the pool.

Carli, Grandma, Harper, Kate, and Megan enjoying the warm water. Sorry hon, you got cut off in this pic somehow!More activity pics to come!!! This is just days 1 and 2.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trek to Utah

About a week and a half ago we started our trek up to Utah. We have done it every summer for quite a while. The kids usually do ok, but this time they were exceptional. Carli was the only one who really complained and got very tired of being strapped in her seat. It was a really great trip on the whole. We stopped at a lookout at Marble Canyon in AZ. We have never ever stopped there before and I don't know why! It is stunning and just so beautiful!

When we got to Cedar City to my parents' house the kids were so happy to be able to run around and not be in the car anymore. Carli explored their gorgeous backyard. She loves to look at all the flowers and yesterday she was even found climbing the apple tree. LOL!

That evening we celebrated my sister Charisse's birthday. We had all the fam over for BBQ and cake. It was a lot of fun. This is one of my favorite things about coming to Cedar City--all the family get-togethers. They get to do it all the time, but it's pretty much a once-a-year thing for us. I treasure them.

Kate and Megan with their 2nd cousin, Addison, making a home for their potato bugs they found.

My dad at the grill. It was pretty yummy!
Charisse getting ready to blow out the candles on her birthday cakes. We had lots of people there so we made 2 cakes and I decided we should spread the candles over both cakes. She didn't appreciate it too much, but it looked pretty cool!

Lovie, the dog.

Here are the babies of the moment in the family. From left to right: my Uncle Paul with his son, Carson (6 mos); my Uncle Bryan with granddaughter, Eliza (5 mos); my cousin Bryan with son, Kyler (1 month).

Close-ups of the babies: Eliza



More pics to come! This is just the beginning of our trip and we've already been gone for 1 1/2 weeks. We are having a great time.